Painful Virgin | Seven knifes Virgin

Painful Virgin | Seven knifes Virgin

Vicente Espinet, 1906

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Holy Entombment

Virgin Solitude


Sculpture of style olotino of great realism and detail carved in 1906 by Vicente Espinet. It was sculpted as a "substitute" for the previous virgin who became very degraded. This image represents the Seven Sorrows of the Virgin Mary as seven knives stuck in her heart, one of the most widespread Marian devotions in Christianity (the Seven Sorrows of Mary). It has bluish tones, clear on the back of the dress and dark on the outside, the edges of the veil and sleeves are stamped with golden flowers that match the knives and crown as well as the details of the black nude cross that brings more striking to the image, this cross carries a shroud of fine decoration that changes every year and alternates with that of the Fifth Anguish. His face is beautiful and young and conveys a content pain enhanced in his gaze directed at the sky.