Miguel Ángel Rojo, 2007

You can see

Holy Entombment


Work of the sculptor from Salamanca Miguel Angel Rojo, is a pace with an area of approximately twenty square meters. Jesus appears in the center with nails in his wrists and bears a strong resemblance to the Christs of the Unlocking and Descent. To his right Dimas, the good thief appears relatively calm while Gestas, to his left has an aggressive face and a twisted body. The hands of both appear twisted with pain even though the wrists are nailed to the cross besides being supported with ropes, the feet of the thieves are not nailed to the center of the wood but to the songs by the tendons of Achilles what It gives a great drama. It is located on a rectangular wooden carriage with truncated corners with the emblems of the sixth centenary of brotherhood (1407-2017) and the evangelists carved on it.