Holy Sepulcher

Holy Sepulcher

Ramón Nuñez, 1927

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Holy Entombment


It is the titular carving of the brotherhood, dates from 1927 and has a great realism and a perfect anatomy. This perfection is due to the fact that its author, Ramón Núñez, was a sculptor and professor of medicine, with which he knew perfectly the anatomy and state of a recently dead body. The carving represents a very calm Jesus on a cloth placed on the ground, fleeing the typical Castilian pathos. His face is very fine and beautiful and his body is thin. The naked body appears covered by the cloth of modesty whose ends merge with the shroud on which it rests. Jesus is still unwashed, which accentuates the sensation of pain even if the blood is not excessively abundant. Parade within a detailed urn of eclectic-historicist style wisely combining Neo-Gothic and Neo-Renaissance styles, made of American mahogany, bronze and glass wood, which has a half-rosette of cornered crystals on each face of the tomb and is finished off at its highest point with small praying angels and images of the 12 apostles, including Judas. Despite its abundant decoration is not a baroque step because the Gothic motifs give it a more elegant than sumptuous appearance. It is carried on litters by twelve brothers (ten until 2017).