Holy Lord's Supper

Holy Lord's Supper

Melchor Gutiérrez and Victor Ramsés Gutiérrez, 2006

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Prayer in the Garden


It is a work of Melchor Gutierrez San Martin, who started it in 2001 with his son Victor Ramses, although most of the set is the work of the father: The figures of Saint Thomas and Saint Matthew, installed at the head of the pace are the work of Victor , while the rest of the pace has been made by Melchor. It was completed in 2005, and premiered in Holy Week 2006. It is made of mahogany wood, with polychrome oil in gouache, which allows to see the wood and is complemented by the gilding of some parts of the images. With a novel approach, it indicates the moment in which the apostles are ready to make the toast, just at the moment when Christ demands their attention and asks John to fill his glass with the wine from the jar. Judas, located next to the Lord, hesitates between sitting down to dinner or leaving to return the money he has in the bag that he squeezes tightly with his hand.