The moving and pathetic image of the Holy Chrsit of Mercy, holder of his Brotherhood, presents false hair and beard, and cloth of purity in glued cloth. The iconography of the Crucified Dead, with hair and natural beard, is considered to have its origin in the image of the Christ of St. Augustine, now venerated in the Cathedral of Burgos, whose model spread throughout Spain; in these sizes, the cloth of purity is very summary or superimposed, to allow to place the typical kilt, one of the identifying signs of the Burgos image. However, we must remember that in the city of Palencia there is another image that should have exerted a great influence on their environment, also with hair and natural beard, and that corresponds to the same approach as the Burgos work; we refer to the Christ of Saint Claire, from which the Reclining Christ of the Brotherhood of the True Cross of Palencia also derives. At this point, it is important not to forget the hypothesis of Rafael Martinez, who thinks that, given that the image of the convent of Saint Claire has a ring in the back, it could possibly be used in the ceremony of the Unclamping and, therefore, in certain moments It would take the form of a Crucifix.