Brotherhood of Jesus of the Judgment

Passion Friday | 21.00 h.

The Sentence

[21:00] Convent MM. Agustinas Recoletas • Gil de Fuentes • Jorge Manrique [21:15] Chapel MM. Agustinas Recoletas Reading the Judment of Christ and Pray to Our Mother of Hope • Inmaculte Square • St Pedro [22:00] Pray to died • Árbol del Paraíso • Plaza del Cordón • St Marcos • Gil de Fuentes • Square Isabel la Católica • General Amor • Doctrinos • [22:45] Pedro Fernández del Pulgar • Marques de Albaida • Mayor [23:00 four squares] • [23:45] Barrio y Mier • Juan de Castilla • Gil de Fuentes • [00:30] Convent MM. Agustinas Recoletas

[21:15] Reading of the Judgment of Christ. Inmaculada Square and Offering to Our Mother of Hope. Agustinas Recoletas.
[22.00] Pray to died. St. Pedro

Attention places
[22:20] Gil de Fuentes walking to Church of "Nuestra Señora de la Calle". [23:00] Four Squares. [23:45] Barrio y Mier. [00:30] Access to Convent.

At nightfall, surrounded by a fervor that has been gradually consolidated despite the youth both of the image and of the Brotherhood itself, the Christ of the Sentence comes out of the Holy Cathedral -to where it has previously been moved, assembled and veiled in the hours preceding their penance station-. At the beginning, before the imposing frame of the Bishop's Door, the procession stops a few moments to perform the central act, the reading of the Judgment of Our Lord Jesus Christ by Pontius Pilate, from the texts of the book " The drama of Jesus " by José Julio Martínez. After being condemned to die on the Cross, the procession continues its journey, accompanied by the sounds of the Band of Cornets and Drums of the Holy Trinity of Palencia. At slow steps, typical of the footsteps, our Father Jesus of the Sentence walks in the twilight of the night through the old quarter of the city before returning again to the Cathedral.


The procession commemorates, through a penitential act dedicated to the Judgment of Christ, the gospel passage in which Jesus is unjustly condemned by Pontius Pilate to die crucified, thus opening the way to the Cross.

Eyes meeting those of a Jesus, wounded and bruised, condemned because our sins to an unjust sentence. Lips sealed today and only succeed in pronouncing, in a shy whisper, a pray to the Father asking forgiveness, because once again, regarding the accused, we do not know what to do. Feet that, in their pain, carry the torment of the road, which today becomes more intense because the announcement of an irremediable passion. Shoulders that, once again after so many generations, carry over them the Holy Week weight that today makes our city reinvent itself ...


Our Father Jesus in Judgment