Brotherhood of Nazarean Jesus

Good Friday | 01 h.


Jesús Nazareno, Pza. S. Pablo, Hermanos Madrid, Pza. Juan XXIII, Mayor Antigua, Sto. S. Pedro, Pza. Inmaculada, Catedral, Sta. Teresa de Jesús, Pza. Carmelitas, Sto. Domingo de Guzmán, Pza. S. Pablo, Jesús Nazareno.

[01:00] Departure. Chapel of Jesus Nazarene. [01:45] 1st Fall. Bishop's Palace.[02:10] 2nd Fall. St. Antolin Square. [02:40] 3rd Fall. Interior of the Holy Cathedral (in front of the Blessed Sacrament). [03:00] Sonnet and the end. Chapel of Jesus Nazarene.

Attention places
[02:30] St. Pedro

The procession is formed inside the chapel of the Brotherhood at one o'clock in the morning on the night of Thursday to Good Friday. In the chapel, moments before the departure, all the brothers make an oath of silence face the Abbot, which must be maintained throughout the procession. After this simple act, the door opens solemnly after some dry blows in it and a few touches of 'tararu' from St. Pablo Square. The march begins with the departure of the Guide Cross. Behind her appears the pace of Jesus Nazarene, "The Old". Escorted to the pace in the four vertices are located as many brothers carrying a lantern. Behind is the brother who carries the kettledrum and will be the one who marks the steps of the brothers who are carrying. Immediately the Abbot of the Brotherhood attended and accompanied by the rest of the brothers. The penitential brotherhoods of the city are invited, as in the rest of the processions, to participate in this processional parade. The procession closes with the banner of the Brotherhood. The journey is around one and a half kilometers and there are six stops in which the brothers who carry the pass change. Once the procession is finished, it is returned to the chapel of the Brotherhood. To the doors of the same one the step stops and being the step on shoulders of the confreres the sonnet to Jesus Nazarene is read, work of Felix Buisan Citores. The silence during the procession is overwhelming, broken only by the sound of the trumpet and by the effort of the brothers who represent the three falls that the Gospels tell us and that Jesus had on his way to Calvary. Spectacular is also the stage on which the procession is surrounded. The lights of the streets through which it runs are off, and all the neighbors are invited to illuminate them with candles, sidewalks and balconies, which are the only companions of the brothers. The genuflexion or falls have been represented in various places along the route and since the last years are made in the Bishop's Palace, in St. Antolin Square and in the interior of the Holy Cathedral, in front of the Blessed One. This last fall is, without a doubt, the most spectacular. In the darkness of the night, in the silence of it, the brothers greet the Blessed One with the third fall. At the end of each fall, a small prayer is read and people pray for overcoming many of the ills that surround our society: the fight against hunger, against poverty, against any kind of derision. Finally, after two long hours of procession, the brothers and visitors move to St. Pablo Square, where with the lights already on and next to the sound of jealousy the sonnet is recited to the death prisoner who walks with suffering towards his destiny final. It is a very emotional procession that ends in the Chapel of the Brotherhood, where the brothers, at the end of it, give a strong hug because, one year, the brothers have been able to pray and accompany Jesus, the Nazarene.


Collecting all the religious acts organized by the Penitential Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Nazarene and Our Mother the Virgin of Bitterness, the PROCESSION OF SILENCE AND PENANCE is the most recent in time. Its approval was agreed at a assembly held on January 7, 1996.

At one o'clock in the morning of Good Friday, the image of Our Father Nazarene Jesus carried on their shoulders by the brothers of this penitential, barefoot, as ordered by his rule. The silence is overwhelming, the journey completely dark, only lit by the candles that the brotherhood distributes in the square, minutes before the departure of the procession, the lanterns of the brothers and the candles that the neighbors place on sidewalks and balconies along the route. Throughout the procession, the three falls of our Lord on the way to Calvary are symbolized, with three genuflections of the pace along the route. At the end of the procession the sonnet in Our Father Nazarene Jesus honor is read over the compasses of a Violoncello. It is the only procession in which the route remains in darkness, lit by brothers and audience. Genuflection or falls are represented in the Bishop Palace, the barefoot door in the cathedral and in the Inmaculada Square. The sonnet read at the end of the procession in front of the chapel is the work of Felix Buisan Cítores, brother of JHS. This effigy has daily worship, daily mass is celebrated in his chapel by pope bull.


Our Father Jesus Nazarene