Penitential and Sacramental Brotherhood of St. True Cross

Holy Saturday | 19.30 h.

The Pain

True Cross Palace, True Cross, St. Pablo Square, St. Domingo of Guzman, Carmelitas Square, St. Teresa of Jesus, Jorge Manrique, Juan of Castille, Barrio Mier, Secretario Vazquez, Main Square.

[17.30] Pain Offering. Conventual Church of St. Pablo.
[19:30] Departure. Palace of True Cross.
[20:00] Entry. Main Square.

Attention places
[19:40] Santa Teresa of Jesus. [19:50] Barrio Mier.

First of all, in the early afternoon all the parishes, fraternities and other religious associations made a floral offering to the image of Our Mother of Sorrow, as a small and meaningful homage, in which the brothers pray and accompany their mother in her loneliness and pain. After the prayer, and when the afternoon begins to fall, the procession of pain parts from the Brotherhood Palace carrying the pace of Our Mother of the True Cross, and goes to the Main Square to accompany the rest of Brotherhoods, They are anxiously awaiting the beginning of the procession of Solitude, organized by another of the oldest fraternities in the city. Once the Virgin of True Cross arrives at Main Square, the Procession of Pain is completed and a new procession begins in which the brothers of the True-Cross are twinned with the rest of the brotherhoods. All together, they accompany their mother in her various invocations, who weeps inconsolably for the death of her Son, as she eagerly awaits the first rays of sun on Easter Sunday, where the mourning will be replaced by the joy of the risen Jesus.


The PROCESSION OF PAIN takes place on the afternoon of Holy Saturday and is organized by the Penitential Brotherhood of True Cross. Although it is a relatively new procession, it has its origins in the discreet transfer of Our Mother of Sorrow, which was once made after the Offering to the Blessed Virgin from the Conventual Church of St. Pablo to the Monastery of Our Mother of Mercy. In the procession, the brothers accompany their mother in pain, as a prolongation of the Offer of Pain that previously takes place in the Conventual Church of St. Pablo, and in which all the religious associations of the city participate. Finally, it ends up being integrated into the procession of Solitutude.

After the act of offering flowers of the Blessed Virgin of Sorrow, Our Mother of the True Cross, who is dressed in rigorous mourning near the foot of the naked Cross, leaves in procession to the Main Square of the city to be integrated later with the other Brotherhoods to the procession of Solitude of Virgin. Our Mother of the True Cross changes completely - the Holy Thursday she is dressed as Reina in her pallium- to become a pace of mystery with the Virgin dressed in rigorous mourning over a throne carried by 70 porters.


Our Mother of True Cross