Penitential and Sacramental Brotherhood of St. True Cross

Easter Sunday | 8:30 h.

Leaving the Veil

PROCESSION WITH THE BLESSED ONE: St. Pablo, Leon Square, Main Square, Ignacio Martinez de Azcoitia, St.Francisco Square, Main Square. PROCESSION WITH THE VIRGIN: True Cross Palace, True Cross Street, St. Pablo Street, St. Domingo of Guzman, Carmelitas Square, Ramirez, Gil de Fuentes, Isabel the Catholic Square, Cestilla, Main Street, Main Square. JOINT PROCESSION: Main Square, Salt Square, Joaquin Costa, D. Sancho, Main Street, Leon Square, St. Pablo.

[08:30] Departure Holy Blessed One. Conventual Church of St Pablo. [08:30] Departure Virgin. Palace of True Cross. [09:30] Breaking the Veil. Main Square.[11:00] Blessing and Farewell. Conventual Church of St Pablo.

Attention places
[10:00]Salt Square. [10:20] Four Cantons.

This procession, which departs early on the morning of Easter Sunday, takes place at three fundamental moments. From the Palace of True Cross comes the cape of the Virgin covered with the black veil and accompanied by a representation of this brotherhood and of women with a white mantilla, a reflection of the fact that the mourning has disappeared. At the same time, from the Conventual Church of St Pablo part of the procession with the Blessed Sacrament, surrounded by the rest of the brotherhoods. Both processional processions meet in Main Square, where after the genuflections of the Virgin towards the Blessed Sacrament, the black veil is stripped, which is deposited in the hands of a group of children from all the brotherhoods. The third moment of the procession is the return of all the brotherhoods to St. Pablo Square, where Holy Week ends with a Mass in the Church and the song of the "Salve" (the Save). Holy Week is dismissed in the brotherhoods with the tasting of the traditional collation of brothers, which consists of an aniseed bread and lemonade to recover from the effort made during all penitential acts.


In May of 1592 a power is given to Juan Gomez de Loyola, brother of the True Cross, so that in its name it is twinned with the Brotherhood of the Holy Resurrection of the Spaniards of Rome. It is said that this way the True Crosswill enjoy the indulgences, pre-eminences and graces that Rome has and will obtain bulls from her Holiness. Perhaps it is these indulgences and papal bulls that truly impelled brotherhood, since surely that was a stimulus when forming part of the brotherhood, and thus try to ensure eternal salvation. This twinning will oblige to perform, among other things, the procession of Leaving the Veil, with the encounter between the Virgin and the Blessed One. Perhaps it was the sacramental character of the brotherhood that made this meeting, from the beginning, be made before the Blessed Sacrament, and not in front of an image representing the Risen One. However, throughout the twentieth century, this brotherhood acquired an image of a Risen One, who processioned, once the procession of Leaving the Veil (which was always made before the Blessed Sacrament) at the end of noon.

Solemn procession that takes place in the Main Square. The principal act, original from Palencia and maintained through the centuries, is "Leaving the Veil". "Leaving the Veil" is traditionally performed, the children of the Brotherhood who in the spring do the first communion pull the ribbon to release the veil of the Virgin to the encounter with the Holy One that is taken under the canopy at the same time the brothers accompanying the Virgin remove the cap revealing their faces. Later in the procession back the youngest children of all the Brotherhoods carry the Veil of the Virgin, the mantle is worn by those who are a little older.


Leaving the Veil Virgin