Penitential and Sacramental Brotherhood of St. True Cross

Palm Sunday | 19 h.

Holy Rosary of Pain

St. Pablo Square, Leon Square, Antigua Florida Avenue, Santander Avenue, Villacasares, Otero Boulevard, Shrine of "Cristo del Otero", Otero Boulevard, Villacasares, Santander Avenue, Antigua Florida Avenue, Leon Square, St. Pablo Square.

[19:00] Departure St. Pablo. [20:00] 1st and 2nd Mysteries - Maria Estela. [20:45] 3rd and 4th Mysteries - St. Ignacio and St. Ines. [21:10] 5th Mystery and Litany - Hermitage Cristo del Otero. [23:15] Farewell - St. Pablo.

Attention places
[21:00] Ascending 'Cerro del Otero' (low hill). [21:25] Descending 'Cerro del Otero' (low hill).

Getting dark Palm Sunday, the discreet procession leaves the Conventual Church of St Pablo and, almost as a pilgrimage, crosses the seemingly impassable barrier of the railway, walking to 'Ave Maria' neighborhood. Later, heading down the Boulevard of Otero, it go through the 'Cristo' neighborhood to get the low hill ascending to the very feet of the Christ who carved Victorio Macho.


The most remote antecedent of the PROCESSION OF THE HOLY ROSARY OF PAIN is in the year 1588 when, with the intention of asking for the "Invincible Armada" that started to fight against the Kingdom of England, there was a procession of discipline and penance. At the request of the governors, in this procession the brothers of the True Cross down to the city, for the first time, the image of Our Mother of Otero [Low Hill], and came to the Gates of Monzon (now Leon Square) where they were received by the authorities and then walking to the Holy Cathedral.

In the warm light of the Sunday twilight, still smelling of echoes of joy and happiness, your cross stands in absolute solitude. You are walking hanged in it, carrying our sins, along a dark path to the highest hill, towards our Palencia Calvary, from which, immortalized in a colossal effigy, look out for us day by day.


Holy Christ of True Cross

Our Mother of Pain