Penitential and Sacramental Brotherhood of St. True Cross

Holy Thrusday | 19:30 h.

Prayer in the Garden

Vera Cruz, Obispo Manuel González, Pza. S. Pablo, Pza. León, Mayor, Ignacio Martínez de Azcoitia, Secretario Vázquez, Pza. Mayor, Pza. de la Sal, Joaquín Costa, Colón, Becerro de Bengoa, Mayor, Pza. León, Pza. S. Pablo, Obispo Manuel González, Vera Cruz.

[19:30] Departure. Palace of true Cross. [20:30] Greetings to Our Father Jesus Nazareno. Chapel of Jesus Nazareno. [21:00] Greetings to the Virgin of Piety. Penitential Church of St Agustín. [22:15] Song of the Hail Mary (Four Cantons).[23:30] Farewell. Palace of True Cross.

Attention places
[21:30] Ignacio Martinez de Azcoitia. [22:15] Four Cantons. [23:00] St. Pablo Square.

After the Holy Offices of Holy Thursday, when Jesus is already residing in the Eucharistic Monuments that are scattered throughout the temples of the city, around the Palace of the Brotherhood of the True Cross, the crowd begins to gather. Avid for processions, he begins to see the paces paraded, illuminated by the brothers, tries to relate the main moments of the Passion occurred in the commemoration of this afternoon. This is one of the two especially significant moments in the procession due to the interest that the most spectacular paces arouse: "Our Mother of the True Cross" and the "Lignum Crucis". The other great moment occurs when, in the Four Cantons, both steps must be lifted to overcome the obstacle posed by the bollards, to the applause and admiration of the large public that is concentrated in the area. Very close, made a silence that shudders before so much bustle, an angelic voice intones the Hail Mary in honor of the Virgin. Already back to the palace, the Cross and the Virgin meet, face each other, and say goodbye, in an emotional act that makes the tears of the believer and the devotee. Once again, the true cross has traveled our streets, bearing witness to the greatest of love stories.


PROCESSION OF THE PRAYER IN THE GARDEN has references from the beginning of the XVI century, although it was called the procession of the Thursday of the Supper, and it has always been considered the procession of the Rule of the Brotherhood of the True Cross. For that reason, we could affirm, with almost total certainty, that it is the oldest of the penitential processions of the city, and that at least, since 1524, it has been celebrated uninterruptedly, except in the period of war. The book of Rules of the Brotherhood of Santa Vera Cruz of 1572 describes it to us like this: "Firstly leaving St. Pablo we will go to the church of The Piety, from there to St. Marina, to the Hospital of Lord St. Antolin, and from there, through the old square and shoeshop to Lord St. Miguel. And from there, through Barrio Medina, outside the door of St Sebastian by the one part of the humiliator and the other enter through the door of the Market, and the Main Street to the street of Our Mother of the Candelas [candles] rights to St Lazaro and St Clara. And from there we will cross the Four Cantons and go to St Salvador of Jesus Company. And from there on the same street we will return to the main street and go to the monastery and house of Lord St Francisco and enter the path of Mercy. And then we will follow our way through the said street of the monastery and house of Loard St. San Pablo do we go out and to our palace". Perhaps due to its long history it is, at present, the procession that takes more paces to the street, all of them contributed by the organizing brotherhood, either of their property, or donated by the Conventual Church of St, Pablo.

First great procession parade of Holy Week Palencia in which eleven paces are put on the street, among which are the largest and most voluminous thrones of the city, which run mainly along the Main Street of Palencia. Attractive procession for the numerous amount of paces that go out to the street, where two of them, "True Cross" and "Our Mother of the True Cross", monopolize an enormous expectation, since they are carried on shoulders by a great number of brother brothers of the True Cross, helped by members of the different brotherhoods. The Main Street, at the point known as the four cantons, acquires a special prominence, where a large number of people gather to see how the throne of the True Cross raised in order to avoid these cantons, due to the large dimensions of the pace. Highlight also, the beautiful song of a soprano to our Mother of True Cross from a very close balcony.



Holy Lord's Supper

Prayer in the Garden

St Pierre Tears

Tied to the column

Crowning of thorns

Jesus Crucified of St. Paul

St. Joan


Our Mother of True Cross

Holy True Cross - Lignum Crucis