Royal Brotherhood of the Holy Sepulcher

Palm Sunday | 12 h.

Jesus entrance in Jerusalem

Cathedral, Inmaculada Square, Jorge Manrique, Juan of Castille, Menendez Pelayo, Isabel teh Catholic Square, Cestilla, D. Sancho, Burgos, St. Lázaro Square, Conde Vallellano, Empedrada, St. Bernardo, Main Street, Ignacio Martínez de Azcoitia, Lope de Vega, Holy Sepulcher Chapel.

[12:00] Salida. S. I. Catedral.[13:45] Despedida. Capilla del Santo Sepulcro.

Attention places
[12:25] Four Cantons. [12:40] Burgos Street [13:05] St. Bernardo Street. [14:00] Holy Sepulcher Chapel.

At the same time that the mass ends, the representations of the different brotherhoods of the city begin to concentrate in Inmaculada Square, fundamentally nourished by the younger brothers, who are the authentic protagonists of the day. When the clock in the tower is twelve o'clock noon, the doors of the Cathedral are opened wide so that Jesus comes out over the Ass to bless all those present , at the sound of the band. It is the moment in which the procession starts, which runs through the main streets of the Historic Quarter of the city. Following the "Borriquilla" (little ass) a group of children from the different brotherhoods makes improvised and successful accompaniment to the passage, that is one of the most loved and endearing of Palencia.


In Jerusalem, in the fourth century, on the Sunday before Easter a liturgy was celebrated that lasted all day and inaugurated what was known as the "Big Week". After the mass, which was celebrated as usual, the bishop and all the people went to the church located on the Mount of Olives, where the gospel of the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem was proclaimed. Then a procession went down to the Basilica of the Resurrection, where, although it was already late, the evening office, called "light shaft", was celebrated. At the end of this act, the archdeacon announced that every day of the week the assembly would meet early in the afternoon, at three o'clock, in the main church built on Golgotha.

As proverb say, "Palm Sunday, who does not wear for first time has no hands". Today getting light announces a sunny morning, and it grows the illusion between big and small people. That feeling, renoveated every year, of being children again. Like our parents. Like the parents of our parents. Like all those who preceded us and lived, year by year, those first moments of illusion in which we can close our eyes for a moment and imbued by the living God who goes out to the street to meet us.


Jesus' triumphal entry intro Jerusalen