Royal Brotherhood of the Holy Sepulcher

Palm Sunday | 10:15 h.

Liturgical Procession of Palms

Holy Sepulcher Chapel, Lope de Vega, Valentin Calderón, Barrio & Mier, Juan of Castille, Jorge Manrique, Inmaculada Square, Cathedral.

[10:15] Blessing of the Palm and start Holy Mass. Chapel of the Holy Sepulcher. [10:30] Start the Liturgical Procession. Chapel of the Holy Sepulcher walking to Cathedral. [10:50] Continue Holy Mass. Cathedral.

Attention places
[10:15] Blessing of the Palm

The procession has its first moment in the blessing of the palms at the doors of the Chapel of the Holy Sepulcher in the presence of the pace of the Triumphal Entrance of Jesus in Jerusalem, which is the protagonist of all the acts. It is carried out by the Bishop, accompanied by the Cathedral Chapter. After the blessing, a small processional parade is set to fulfill the functions prescribed by the Liturgy of the day. This liturgical procession, formed mainly by the members of the organizing Brotherhood, the Holy Sepulcher, ends in the Cathedral, where the Bishop presides the Holy Mass of the day, which is attended by a small representation of all the penitential brotherhoods of the city, as well as numerous faithful people.


Rito de bendición de Ramos dentro de la Santa Misa que incluye la procesión liturgica entre lecturas desde la Capilla del Santo Sepulcro hasta la S. I. Catedral

The Eucharistic celebration of Sundayde Ramos begins in the Chapel of the Holy Sepulcher withthe Palm Blessing and the proclamation of the Word of the Lord, continuing in procession until the Cathedral, where the Eucharistic celebration presided by the Bishop go on.


Jesus' triumphal entry intro Jerusalen