Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of Mercy

Holy Thrusday | 11:30 h.

The Reprieve

The Company, Isabel the Catholic Square, Gil de Fuentes, Ramirez, Carmelitas Square, St. Domingo of Guzman, St. Pablo Square, leon Square, Main Square, Ignacio Martínez de Azcoitia, Secretario Vazquez, Main Square, Main Street, Becerro Bengoa, Colon, D. Sancho, Cestilla, Isabel the Catholic Square, The Company.

[11:30] Exit. Parish Church of Our Mother coming from the Street. [12:15] Encounter. St. Pablo Square. [13:15] Reprieve. Main Square.[14:30] Farewell. Parish Church of Our Mother coming from the Street.

Attention places
Encounter and Reprieve act.

From the Parish of Our Mother coming from the Street, a little before twelve o'clock in the morning, the pace of the organizing Brotherhood, the Holy Christ of the Mercy goes out. The Brotherhood marches with the reprieved to St. Pablo Square, where they join with the rest of brotherhoods people of the city that accompany them with different crucified Christos. Later, and once reunited, all the Brotherhoods march until arriving at Main Square where the main act of the procession takes place: the moment of the pardon. So, the counselor of the Brotherhood of the Most Holy Christ of Mercy makes a prayer and asks the prisoner if he repents of his sins. As a sign of gratitude for his repentance and conversion, he is granted freedom, and he passes to the front step, from where he participates in the procession to its completion. After the reprieve, the procession continues until finally reaching the Parish of Our Mother coming from the Street where the farewell takes place. As the paces of the different Brotherhoods arrive, the silence is interrupted by some musical pieces, granting the act of accompaniment and farewell the solemnity and respect they deserve.


The reprieves are a common practice in several of the Holy Weeks throughout Spain, and they come from the Gospel story in which Pilate approaches the people and asks for the release of one of the two prisoners, Barabbas or Jesus. The evangelists tell us that Pilate washes his hands at the decision to blame Jesus, who, motivated by the high priests, is taken by the people. We know that the PROCESSION OF THE REPRIEVE already took place in our city at the middle of the century, coinciding with the foundation, a few years before, of the Brotherhood of the Most Holy Christ of Mercy. In the year 1946, the so-called Procession of Forgiveness started for the first time. Leaving from its headquarters, in the Church of Our Mother coming from the Street, they went to the Provincial Hospital and the Provincial Prison, where it ended. It was accompanied by four bands of music, which gives an idea of its importance: the Municipal Band of Palencia; the Band of Bugles and Drums of the National Weapons Factory; Band of the Academy of Intendance of Avila and Clarines Band of Cavalry of Burgos. Following the model of other localities, the brothers decided to write a letter to His Excellency the Minister of Justice, requesting the release of a prisoner during the procession. Unfortunately the request was then dismissed. The parade was suspended in the years 1947 and 1948, celebrated again in 1949. On this new occasion there was a pardon by the Ministry of Justice. The chronicles tell us that in that year two inmates were released thanks to the pardon granted by the Superior Taxation of Fees. The day after the procession, both inmates enjoyed their freedom after the disposition made by the Judge of Instruction. Unfortunately, in 1950 this procession was carried out for the last time, giving more importance to the other procession organized by the Brotherhood on the afternoon of Holy Wednesday, the Procession of the Way of the Cross. Since 2011, it has been wanted to recover this procession for the morning of Holy Thursday. Although in the middle of the last century only the titular pace of the Brotherhood, the Most Holy Christ of Mercy, was also presently inviting the Christ of the Otero of St. Pablo of the Brotherhood of the True Cross, and the Crucified Christ of Alejo of Vahía of the Brotherhood of Jesus Crucified and Our Sorrowful Mother.