Franciscan Brotherhood of Piety Virgin

Passion Saturday | 18.30 h.

Piety and Reconciliation

St. Agustin, Main Street, Leon Square, St Pablo Quare, St Domingo of Guzman, Eduardo Dato, Ramirez, Jorge Manrique, Santa Teresa of Jesus, Hospital, Cervantes Square, San Antolin Square, Old Main Street, Panaderas, Mancornador, Manteros, Main Square, Marques of Albaida, Pedro Fernandez of Pulgar, Doctrinos, General Amor, Isabel the Catholic Square, Cestilla, Main Square, Main Square, St Francisco Square, Ignacio Martinez de Azcoitia, Lope de Vega, Bishop Nicolas Castellanos, Main Street, San Agustin.

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the founding of the Brotherhood and the 20th anniversary of the Friends of St Francisco, the procession will go through the center of the city centering the main act, an act of Reconciliation, in the church of St Francisco. [18:30] Start. Church of San Agustín [18:45] 1st Mystery of the Franciscan Crown. Church of San Pablo [18:55] 2nd Mystery of the Franciscan Crown. Chapel of the Nazarenes [19:10] 3rd Mystery of the Franciscan Crown. Agustinas Recoletas Chapel [19:35] 4th Mystery of the Franciscan Crown. Church of San Miguel [20:20] 5th Mystery of the Franciscan Crown. Church of the Company [20:40] 6th Mystery of the Franciscan Crown. Chapel of Solitude [20:50] 7th Mystery of the Franciscan Crown. Chapel of the 'OFS' (Franciscan Secular Order) [21:00] Act of reconciliation. Church of San Francisco [21:55] Litany. Chapel of the Holy Sepulcher [22:15] Farewell. Church of San Agustín.

Attention places
Every act.

The procession leaves, at the end of the afternoon, the Penitential Church of St. Agustin. The silence of cofrades and public accompanies the passage of the Virgin of Piety, in a journey some years shorter and others more extensive, which runs through the city center at first, then go to the neighborhood of the parish that each year the Assembly of the organizing Brotherhood determines.


The PROCESSION OF PIETY AND RECONCILIATION takes place on the afternoon of the Saturday of Passion. Approved in 2005, it combines the austerity of the Franciscan spirit of its organizing brotherhood, the Franciscan Brotherhood of Our Mother of Piety, based on the absence of Baroque processional reminiscences and the elimination of any spectacularity of recent years, with the idiosyncrasy of the Palencian processional cycle, inherited from many years of popular penance in the days of Passion.

The sky darkens on the afternoon at the Passion Saturday. While the city is waking up to a new Holy Week, the procession, as dramatic testimony, advances slowly, outside the city walls, seeking the intimate and fervent neighborhood recollection. The overwhelming silence, torn by the stereotyped sound of the rattles, creates a profound religious depth, inviting to a solitary prayer fulled of feeling. The night and its shy lights enhance the penitent silhouettes, creating a monastic time that reflects the severe, austere and Franciscan pain near the Mother, who walks looking for the repentance of her children.


St. Francisco of Asis

Holy Piety Virgin