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Brotherhood of Nazarean Jesus and Our Mother of Bitterness

Canonical Erection
1604, 26th December

Canonical Seat
Jesus Nazarean Chapel

San Pablo Sq., 7, 34005, Palencia

First Brother
D. Domiciano Curiel Lobato

Num. brothers


Purple twill habit, topped with a gold braid on the cuffs (double chenille), collar and hem of the tunic, on the chest the badge embroidered in gold with crown of thorns and inside the letters JHS, a cross on the H and under this three nails. To the neck, like the prisoners of death, toasted yellow wool cord topped with 12 madroñeras and three knots along this symbolizing the wounds of our lord.


Brotherhood of Nazarean Jesus and Our Mother of Bitterness keeps its foundation act, dated December 26, 1604. It follows a previous existence, at least unofficially, since it says that in this first "Cabildo" (assembly) was found all the Brotherhoods of Jesus Nazareno, that "again" is based in this city. Some of these brothers indicate their trade or employment, seeing, right from the beginning, that within the Brotherhood there is room for all social classes. This tonic of union of all the brothers, without any distinction, continues in the following times and to this day.

Lent and Holy Week events

Quinary to Our Father Jesus Nazarene

Public Stations of the Cross with Jesus Nazarene

Receiving line to Our Father Jesus Nazarene

Other events in the year

First Sunday of january
Sweet Name of Jesus Mass

Third Sunday of July
Triumph of the Cross Mass

Third Sunday of November
Deceased Mass

December, from 6th to 8th
Triduum and procession to Our Mother of Bitterness

December, 8th
Feast of the Immaculate Conception