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Brotherhood of Our Mother of Loneliness

Canonical Erection

Canonical Seat
Our Mother of Loneliness Chapel

San Francisco Sq., 34001, Palencia

First Brother
D. Antonio Maté García

Num. brothers


Tunic and capirote of black velvet, with long tail, and white cord and gloves; medal of the Brotherhood, with purple ribbon, hanging from the neck; Emblem of the Brotherhood embroidered on the left side.


Brotherhood of Our Mother of Loneliness was founded in 1657, "in devotion officers pen" of Palencia, as stated in its rule. It is, therefore, the only penitential brotherhood of the city founded with an eminent guild character. The eleven officers who constituted it in the first moment promised to pay "four ducats of entrance for help of the adornment of the image of our lady of solitude" located "under the portals of the house of the prison very noble and loyal city of Palencia". It seems that the place where this image of Our Mother was placed was in the Four Squares, corner of Don Sancho Street, on the site that is now occupied by the Main Club building.