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Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of Mercy

Canonical Erection
1943, 18th December

Canonical Seat
Parish Church of Our Mother come across the Street

Mayor Antigua St., 52, 34005, Palencia

First Brother
D. Carlos Martín Antolín

Num. brothers


Red tunic and red hood, in memory of the blood of the Redeemer. White cord, as a sign of penance. White cloak, as a symbol of Grace and Divine Light, with the shield of the Cross of the Brotherhood in red and white on the left pectoral.


According to the records of the Bortherhood of the Holy Christ of Mercy, the year was 1942 when the then President of the Catholic Youth of the Parish of Our Mother come across the Street and Holy Sepulcher brother, Mr José María Fernández Conceiro, proposed, and so it was accepted, that in the procession of the Holy Burial of Holy Friday, the image of the Christ of Mercy (which evoked an immemorial devotion) would come out, since in that procession there was no image of the crucified Christ. In this way, and on a set of logs provided by the Brotherhood of Venerated Cross, this image was first seen in Palencia outside of the church.