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Brotherhood of Crucified Jesus and Our Painful Mother

Canonical Erection
1953, 22nd March

Canonical Seat
Conventual Church of Saint Francisco (Jesuit FF.)

St. Francisco Forecourt, 34001, Palencia

First Brother
D. Antonio Motila Matía

Num. brothers


White tunic buttoned in sky blue. Light blue coat with anagram embroidered at the height of the heart. White hood, with square top, at chest height. Cord composed of two lines, one white and the other light blue, intertwined, wooden cross hung from the neck in sky blue cord, sandals of esparta in white color, open, Franciscan type or bare feet.


Brotherhood of Crucified Jesus and Our Painful Mother was founded in 1953, related to the scope of the Society of Jesus and the Marian Congregations of Louis (Gonzaga) of Palencia. Its canonical headquarters is the temple of San Francisco, occupying the headlines one of the first chapels in the back of this great temple.