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Franciscan Brotherhood of Piety Virgin, Holy Christ of Life&Death and St. Francisco of Asis

Canonical Erection
2003, 9th January

Canonical Seat
Penitential Church of Saint Agustin

Fraternity House, Mancornadro St., 4, 34005, Palencia

First Brother
D. Víctor A. Lafuente Sánchez

Num. brothers


Tunic of Franciscan brown color, with continuous buttoning. Layer, of the same color, with the emblem of the Seraphic Embrace located on the left side. Sleeves of the same color. Corporate medal of the Brotherhood, on the capirote or hood. Franciscan clench with three knots (on the right side) and Franciscan crown hanging on it (on the left side). White gloves. Brown sandal or black low shoes. Processional lantern.


The origins of the Franciscan Brotherhood Piety Virgin are united, inseparably, to the Secular Franciscan Order of Palencia (former Third Order); this one participated from time immemorial in the processions of the Palencia Passion Week. The decline that, given the shortage of brothers, suffered in the mid-twentieth century, made it give up it presence in 1973.

Lent and Holy Week events

Ash Wednesday
Laying on of ash

Triduum to Our Mother of Piety

Holy Wednesday
Blessing to Holy Christ of Life&Death

Holy Thursday
Mass at the Lord's Supper

Holy Friday
Holy Trades

Holy Saturday
United prayer to Virgin of Mercy

Holy Saturday
Blessing Holy Virgin of Piety

Easter Sunday
Easter Mass

Other events in the year

September, 15th
Virgin of Mercy Mass

October, 3rd
Vigil of St. Francisco Transit

October, 4th
Saint Francisco of Asis Mass

Deceased Mass