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Brotherhood of Jesus of the Judgment, Holy Christ in Good Death and Holy Hope Mary

Canonical Erection
2012, 3rd December

Canonical Seat
Conventual Church of Agustinas Recoletas [p]

Pr. Otero, 2, 34004, Palencia

First Brother
D. Severiano Aguado Regaliza

Num. brothers


Burgundy tunic with black buttons, shoes, gloves, cord and black cape, will be embroidered with the Brotherhood's coat of arms on the left side of the cape. The head will be covered with a bordeaux cap.


Brotherhood of Jesus Sentenced, St. Christ in Good Death and Holy Hope Mary, common knows as "the Sentence", is a recent foundation and the youngest among the penitential brotherhoods of Palencia. At the end of 2007, the idea of creating this Brotherhood began to be considered, with the idea of endowing Easter Week in Palencia with a new step: the Judgment of Christ. After several months, and with the collaboration of a good part of the Horns&Drums Band Holy Christ of Good Death from Palencia, the first steps towards its foundation are taken.