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Brotherhood of Loneliness

Holy Saturday | 19.00 h.

Virgin Solitude

FIRST STAGE · Just Nuestra Señora de la Soledad walking San Francisco Square • Main Square • Joaquín Costa • Brotherhoods Solitude form province join to the walk • Don Sancho • Main Street • Ignacio Martínez de Azcoitia • Secretario Vázquez • Main Square SECOND STAGE (joining all Virgin orders from every brotherhood) Main Square • Secretario Vázquez • Ignacio Martínez de Azcoitia • Main Street • San Bernardo • Colón • Joaquín Costa • Main Square • San Francisco Square

[19:00] Departure. Chapel of Our Mother of Solitude. [22:30] Farewell. Chapel of Our Mother of Solitude.

Attention places
[20:15] Ignacio Martinez de Azcoitia. [21:00] Four cantons (Main St.)

The procession begins in the atrium of St Francisco. There, the image of Our Mother of Solitude patiently awaits the arrival of the rest of brotherhoods. The silence is only broken by the different bands that accompany with their melodies the Mother of Our Lord pain and solitude. Once the different brotherhoods, accompanying their images, are already located in the Main Square, the procession begins. Solitude pace, with black mourning, leaves its hermitage and processions through the streets of Palencia. The darkness of the night envelops everything. The brother brothers make a heartfelt tribute to the mother of Jesus, but also to all those mothers who, with sweat and tears, fight every day for their children. There are many women who, present in the procession, choose to wear headwear and mantilla. The black color predominates in their costumes, accompanying the Mother in her solitude. At the end of the procession, all the brotherhoods with their respective images gather in St. Francisco Square, and after a prayer by the Chaplain, the Salve is sung to the Blessed Virgin. It is a moment of intimate union with the Mother. Finally, the pace of Solitude enters the Hermitage again, while the Royal March sounds. The symbols and banners of the brotherhoods say goodbye and return to their headquarters, anxiously waiting for the most important moment of Holy Week, which will take place within a few hours.


On the afternoon of Holy Saturday there is one of the most unique processions of which are part of the Holy Week of Palencia, the PROCESSION OF THE SOLITUDE OF THE VIRGIN, organized by the Brotherhood of Our Mother of Solitude. The procession arises in 1997, when the brotherhood considers to recover an old one that already realized time ago in which the women from Palencia accompanied Our Mother of the Solitude, in order to pay a tribute to the figure of the Virgin inside of Holy Week, on this Holy Saturday the Church dedicates to contemplating her sense. In this recovery, it was decided not only to process the titular image of the Brotherhood, but from the beginning it has also been invited to participate all those virgins who procession with the different penitential fraternities of Palencia. The procession is unique throughout the national territory, since if it is already unusual find processions on Holy Saturday -since it was only allowed after the liturgical reform emanated from the Second Vatican Council-, it is even more unique get in a only procession a set of Marian invocations of the rest of the participating fraternities. This originality has led each year to assist more people to contemplate this one of a kind procession.

This is the renewal of a procession that was held on the same date, many years ago under the name "Women from Palencia with Our Mother of Solitude". All the Brotherhoods are invited to parade only carriing images of the Virgin . All the Guilds and Images portrayed form in the Plaza Mayor, waiting for the departure of Our Mother of her Chapel to begin the processional journey through the streets of Palencia as a sign of mourning. It was the first procession to perform this kind of concentration. At the end, all the images and brothers in the procession gather in St. Francisco Square around Our Mother and after some words for praying by the Chaplain, the Salve is sung to the Holy Virgin. Finally, the pace of Our Mother of Solitude go into the Hermitage under the sound of the Royal March and the symbols and flags bid farewell walking to their homes.


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