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Brotherhoods of Our Father Jesus of Medinaceli & Nazarean Jesus

Holy Tuesday | 20:00 h.

The Capture

Jesus Nazarene Cahpel, St. Pablo Square, Hermanos Madrid, Juan XXIII Square, Old Main Street, St. Miguel, Doctrinos, General Amor, Isabel the Catholic Square, Cestilla, Main Square, Leon Square, St. Pablo Square.

[20:00] Departure. Chapel of Jesus Nazarene. [21:00] Capture. Parish Church of St. Miguel. [22:10] Respect to the Virgin of Piety. Penitential Church of St. Agustin.[23:00] Farewell. Chapel of Jesus Nazarene.

Attention places
[21:45] Isabel the Catholic Square. [22:30] St. Pablo Square.

The Procession of the Capture is one of the most traditional and popular of how many take place in the capital of Palencia. At 20:00, from the Chapel of Jesus Nazarene, part of the delegation of brothers of this brotherhood, accompanying the passage of "The Treason of Judas", and emulating the mobs who came to the Garden of Olives to catch Jesus , they go towards the Church of St. Miguel. When the Nazarenes arrive at the church of St. Miguel, one of the most singular acts of the Holy Week in Palencia takes place: the Act of Capture. The Gospels are recited where the passage of the Capture is narrated, in which Jesus is arrested by the Romans after the betrayal of his disciple Judas, who sells them to them for a few gold coins. After reading, a brother of the Nazarene brotherhood knocks three times on the door of the Church, in a few dry touches interspersed with three touches of 'tararu'. This call is answered by opening the gates to allow the exit of the cape of the Christ of Medinaceli, escorted by the brothers of his brotherhood, while the Municipal Band of the city performs the Anthem of Medinaceli. As the end of this act, which represents the capture of Jesus Christ in the Garden of Olives on the evening of Holy Thursday, a Nazarene brother places handcuffs at the feet of the titular image as a symbol of his captivity while the image of the Treason of Judas waits just in front. When the act is finished, the procession begins running through some streets of the city center until it reaches St Pablo Square where after addressing some prayers the image of the Christ of Medinaceli is introduced with the royal march performed by the Band of bugles and drums of the Brotherhood of Jesus Nazarene. Once the procession is over, and already deep into the cold Palencia night, the Brothers of Medinaceli accompany the Christ to home, the Parish Church of St. Miguel. There he is revered throughout the year by the Palencians, and especially on the first Friday of March, when the temple is filled with hundreds of visitors who approach the chapel where the image is found and with a prayerful gesture they greet him, bowing their heads and kissing the golden cord that comes off from his hands.


Around the last quarter of the nineteenth century, for the first time appear documents that refer to the PROCESSION OF CAPTURE on Holy Thursday, which would be held for some time, and testify that it must have been very busy during the time that was celebrated, until his initial disappearance.

Hand tied and humiliated by his own, looking for glances from those sons to whom he gave his Body and Blood. That kiss, cold and calculated kiss, tears her heart, and her cheek is tormented by betrayal. Today we are all Judas who ate your bread and fed on your blood. We are the sinners who seek to get rid of our worldly shackles.


Judas' Treason

Medinaceli Christ